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Protecting your laptop from theft and damage, and ensuring it will be usable in foreign countries, requires preparation and care.

Things You’ll Need

  •   - Laptop Computer Cases
  •   - Travel Adapters And Converters
  •   - Laptop Computer
  1. 1. Get a heavily padded carrying case that fits the peripherals and accessories you need to carry.
  2. 2. Use a case that isn’t obviously for a laptop, to deter theft.
  3. 3. Take the components, peripherals and accessories you might need, but leave the CD-ROM drive or other parts you won’t. Take an extra battery if you will use the laptop on an airplane.
  4. 4. Remove disks from disk drives.
  5. 5. Get power and telephone-jack adapters if you will need them for international travel. Find out the power requirements and plug shapes for your destination before you leave.
  6. 6. Find out what communication facilities will be available. Learn how you can connect to your ISP if necessary.
  7. 7. Back up all important documents before you leave.
  8. 8. Check your insurance and warranty coverage.
  9. 9. Make sure your laptop has enough battery power to boot if required by customs or security personnel.
  10. 10. Avoid leaving your computer unattended in the airport.
  11. 11. Deter theft and breakage by monitoring your laptop closely as it travels through the x-ray machine. Better yet, ask for manual inspection.
  12. 12. Keep your laptop out of overhead bins and in plain sight when flying
  13. 13. Once you arrive, change the date and time settings and the modem set-tings, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • # Remember that an X-ray machine will not erase your data, but a metal detector can.

  • # If you have a removable hard drive, leave it out of your machine and in a different location when not in use.

  • # Do not plug your laptop directly into a foreign outlet, even if you have something that changes the plug shape, or you may fry your computer. Always use an adapter that claims it can handle the voltage at your destination. (Make sure the adapter can handle your computer's current draw as well.)HACKED



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